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Get complete access to 100+ health & safety courses, policies, forms and checklists for just $5/month per user

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$5 / month
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As member, you get complete access to:
  • 100+ Health & Safety Courses
  • Custom Course Builder
  • 100+ Policies, Forms, Checklists
  • Personal Account manager
  • Unlimited File Storage
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Are there any course or training limitations?

Nope. You can take as many courses as you like. We add new courses to our library each month at no extra charge. All the policies, forms, and checklists are free for members as well.

What payment methods are accepted?

Our membership is an annual contract with monthly billing by credit card as the preferred method.

What happens if a trainee leaves the company?

You simply remove them from the training platform and import a new trainee if you have one. We made it flexible so you never lose a "seat".

What if I need a specific course?

You can create it yourself with our Course Builder tool or request it. Our course library is always growing, thanks to suggestions from our clients.